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The property has two cottages available for renting. One is beach cottagy and accommodates six, the other is more upmarket and will accommodate four. Both have spacious living areas, comfortable bedrooms, each has two bathrooms, and balconies. Each cottage has a garage provided, and free wireless internet. All linen is provided, including swimming towels. There is no washing machine or dishwasher.

The views are quite remarkable, and overlook the estuary of Swartvlei and have a view of the sea. Our front fence is on the high-water mark, and we have steps to the water. Besides these steps, each cottage is wheelchair friendly in every aspect. We are also positioned to be protected from the South-easter, which sometimes blows in summer. We think we have quite the best spot in Sedgefield.

The Kingfisher Corner serves as an ideal base from which to explore the many bird-watching delights of the central Garden Route region. Top destinations to consider include the Wilderness National Park, Die Vleie Road that features the Kingfisher Hide along northern shores of Langvlei and the hide at Rondevlei. In optimal conditions this is waterfowl heaven. Ducks can include Maccoa and White-backed Ducks, Southern Pochard and all three teals. African Fish-Eagles are commonly seen and Western Osprey less so, with African Marsh-Harrier regularly patrolling the reedbeds of the area. The reedbeds should be observed carefully as secretive species such as Little Bittern, Baillon’s Crake, African Rail and African Purple Swamphen hide in there. The Big Tree at Woodville is another highlight and features a wonderful circular walk where species associated with indigenous forests abound.

The immediate area around Swartvlei estuary and Sedgefield is known for migratory waders – it is estimated that up to 6,000 waders, largely consisting of Ruff, Curlew Sandpiper and Little Stint, are found here in summer. Most of the waterfowl mentioned earlier are to be found, together with significant numbers of Kelp Gulls and Caspian Terns. There is a chance of finding the elusive African Finfoot and Half-collared Kingfisher in the well-wooded backwaters of the estuary. Forest species to look out for include Grey Cuckooshrike, White-starred Robin, Grey Sunbird, Knysna Turaco and Green Wood-Hoopoe. Birds of prey in the area include Forest Buzzard, African Crowned Eagle, African Goshawk, African Cuckoo Hawk, African Harrier-Hawk, and Black and Rufous-chested Sparrowhawks.

The various habitat types of the Garden Route in general and Sedgefield and Swartvlei in particular host a huge diversity of bird species, making the Kingfisher Corner the ideal base to be used by discerning bird-watchers.