Posted on the 24th April 2022

(Johan van der Westhuizen forwarded this note and images on the BirdLife Overberg outing to Keurbos, Jessie Walton’s lovely farm in the Elgin Valley).

Despite the chill in the air and the relatively few birds seen, everyone enjoyed the trip immensely. Special sightings such as the African Rail, seen from the bird hide, a Spotted Eagle Owl flushed from a Willow tree and settling in a large Pine tree and the Western Barn Owl in Jessie's barn, made it a memorable outing. The African Rail turned out to be a "lifer" for a number of the group members. Jessie was the perfect host and showed us around her extensive fynbos gardens before welcoming us to her lovely home overlooking a large dam, where we enjoyed a picnic on the deck with the most incredible view across the Elgin Valley. Thank you for organizing this wonderful outing and we look forward to another visit in the future.

Report and images by Johan van der Westhuizen. 

African Rail
Female Giant Kingisher












Jackal Buzzard
Spotted Eagle Owl











Herewith a list of the birds seen on the outing to Jessie Walton's farm.
1. Red-eyed Dove, 2. Red-knobbed Coot, 3. African Darter, 4. African Spoonbill, 5. Egyptian Goose, 6. Yellow-billed Duck, 7. Giant Kingfisher, 8. Western Cattle Egret, 9. Reed Cormorant, 10. Lesser Swamp Warbler, 11. Laughing Dove, 12. Little Grebe, 13. African Rail, 14. Common Moorhen, 15. Black Crake, 16. Hadada Ibis, 17. Fiscal Flycatcher, 18. Purple Heron, 19. Cape Sparrow, 20. Cape White-eye, 21. Swee Waxbill, 22. Southern Double-collared Sunbird, 23. Cape Weaver, 24. Cape Crow, 25. Karoo Prinia,26. Spotted Eagle-Owl, 27. White-necked Raven, 28. Cape Robin-Chat, 29. Ring-necked Dove, 30. Malachite Sunbird, 31. Amethyst Sunbird, 32. Western Barn Owl, 33. Western Barn Owl 34. Jackal Buzzard34. Pied Crow, N2 35. Black-winged Kite, R43 

African Spoonbill
African Darter
















Male Giant Kingfisher


Western Barn Owl





































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