Posted on the 16th October 2016

This is a rather belated report, but I went to the Winterberg Resort on Wednesday to do a talk to the Witzenberg Bird Club. It was a bit like “taking coals to Newcastle” as I spoke on the birding potential of the Tankwa Karoo. There were 111 species illustrated during the presentation of which 51 were endemic and 19 near-endemic. The Tankwa Karoo must surely rate as THE top birding destination for all visitors to the Western Cape, be they from other provinces or overseas. Visit this link for detailed descriptions of where to find the hugely sought-after species in the region:

The encouraging part of the evening was that there were several younger people in attendance and that there was a wonderful atmosphere throughout the event. There is little doubt that these people will contribute significantly towards further developing this region as a top birding destination. Discussions after the event also suggested that some of the attendees are very serious about becoming involved in burning conservation issues in the region. This is an appeal to all bird clubs forming part of the Western Cape Birding Forum to start supporting the efforts of this newly fledged bird club and for birders in the region to get more people to join the activities of the Witzenberg Bird Club.

Members of BirdLife Overberg will visit the Bergsig Wine Estate (and their birding trail) on 5 November and we extend an open invitation to all birders to join us on the day. Details at this link:

Negotiations are also well under way for the Western Cape Birding Forum to have its “away weekend” 2017 in the Witzenberg region and for Birdlife Overberg to visit the Witzenberg region and the Tankwa Karoo during October 2017.

Information on the club's regular evening talks and bird-watching outings are available from the committee. Join the Witzenberg Bird Club by contacting Carrie-Anne du Plessis at

Herewith some images taken at the hugely successful event on Wednesday evening.
































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