Posted on the 21st May 2019

We are very happy with the outcomes of the “FLIGHT HIGHER” course, celebrating our feathered friends with more experienced birders that we presented in Hermanus on 18 and 19 May. Many bird-watchers who had attended the Flight for Birders course in the past have requested that we develop a specialist course for intermediate and more experienced birders. We therefore developed a course is not too technical and filled with anecdotes, wonderful memories and often crazy storytelling about the wonderful world of the birds around us.

The FLIGHT HIGHER course is aimed at enhancing one’s experience of birds by illustrating how to look at and listen to these wonderful creatures. Bill Oddie states: “Most of us can see, but not everyone looks. Most of us can hear, but not everyone listens”. For this reason roughly 50 conservation case-studies are also included in the course.

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All sections of the course were designed to accommodate more experienced bird-watchers and the course includes several brand new talks such as: 1. Focus on owls, nightjars and a few other birds of the night. 2. "Inglorious bustards - the crazy gang in trouble": Reflections on our bustards and korhane 3. How to prepare when planning to bird in a new area with lots of LBJs, bustards and raptors – Participants decide on one of the talks on birding in the Tankwa Karoo, the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park or the Kruger National Park. In the end we presented two of these talks during the weekend’s course. 4. Securing the safe passage for Amur Falcons on their epic migratory flight. 5. For the love of one’s garden – Planning one’s garden to attract birds and other wildlife. 

The full programme of the course can be viewed at the link below. The contents can however be adapted to address specific needs of participants and in each case the course will largely focus on the region where it is being presented.

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Here are a few reactions to the course received from some participants:
Dear Anton,
I would like to thank you very much for the absolutely amazing and inspiring course you presented over the past weekend! I am just sorry that there was not a larger turnout. You definitely deserved a far larger audience. People who did not attend definitely missed something really special!
I am looking forward to rejoining your club and hopefully attending the talks and outings ( the latter when my toe heals…)
We, who are passionate about the birdlife and conservation in this precious area of the Overberg are truly blessed to have a such people like your and Elaine in our midst!
Warm regards,
Barbara Khan

Danksy Anton Odendal is ek van voor af weer halsoorkop verlief op die lewe en die natuur en die diversiteit van voëls. Sprakelose verwondering.
Heleen Smit on facebook

Ek het die 2 dae se lesings verskriklik geniet en lekker nuwe kennis opgedoen. Ek is mal oor natuur kursusse en lesings, en joune staan uit as een wat ek besonder baie geniet het, veral die persoonlike stories en trivia wat jy bygevoeg het. Ek het al so baie roofvoël kursusse gedoen en sukkel nog my dinges af met id, maar jy het my nuwe idees gegee om die identifikasie te doen en ek is seker ek gaan nou beter vaar. Dankie vir die lekker twee dae, en jy kan maar aangaan daarmee.
Betsie Lategan

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