Posted on the 2nd May 2018

We have received our first fishing line bins and the revamped identification brochures on the common coastal birds of the Western Cape!

The fishing line bins will be put up at key spots along the Overstrand coastline now being identified by members, friends and partners. Details of this project can be found in our last report on this under "general news" on this website. We express our sincere appreciation to John Kieser of Plastics SA for providing the basic bins free of charge. We now need to supply logo stickers and brackets and are investigating various potential sponsors for this.

The identification brochures on the common coastal birds now include text on our conservation campaign and highlight the African Black Oystercatcher as the bird of the year. Some of these brochures will be disseminated to many schools in our region together with the oystercatcher posters and educational resources developed by BirdLife South Africa. Roughly a half of these brochures will be sold at R 2.00 per unit in support of further printing and our fundraising efforts. Read more about these educational actions being planned in collaboration with our partners at DICT and WCC in our last report on this under "general news" on this website. We thank the staff of Durbanville Commercial Printers for coping with our demands and once again doing an excellent job of the printing. A huge word of thanks to Dale Wright of the Important Bird and Biodiversty division of BirdLife South Africa for facilitating the award of a generous grant that enabled us to do the artwork and printing of the brochures.

Ten of these bins will be put up by the end of June and more will be phased in as these are received


Setting up bins at Nature's Valley (Credit: NVT)











Our revamped brochures on coastal birds













Brochure information page
Brochure identification page




















HELEN JONES (posted: 2018-05-28 12:37:45)
Rooi Els would like to get involved with your work. We have regular beach clean ups and we have also worked with John Kieser. We have four pairs of Oystercatchers who this year only got three chicks to adulthood after a min of eleven eggs were laid. The usual "culprits" were at work. Those that survived had clever parents who in the rocks !! Please contact me Helen Jones on the above email address so that I can set up a meeting with you. I send out an Eco report to those who would like to receive it about once a month and there is a BIG following. Thank you.