Posted on the 3rd April 2012

Of possible interest to West Coast birders is that another wind farm has recently been authorised at St. Helena Bay. This means we now have authorisation from the DEA for Paternoster, St. Helena, and two wind farms running along the ridge line of the Darling Hills, slap bang in the middle of the flight path of pelicans, flamingos and a foraging area for birds like the Black Harrier. Two more wind farms are planned south of the Darling Hills, starting at Groote Post, resulting in a Berlin Wall of wind turbines stretching for kilometres. The majority of these wind turbines will be the height of a 40 storey building, measured to the tips of the blades, with the blades themselves having a diameter of 50 metres.

For those birders who might be interested in the potential environmental disaster awaiting us, a new website has been launched. Go to This is an offshoot of an international website, and will give you updates on the effects of wind turbines in other parts of the world on bird and bat populations. Chilling reading.


Butch Rice



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