Posted on the 25th November 2014

I took 4 clients to Kirstenbosch yesterday morning. Shortly after we had entered the gardens at the gate next to the nursery two Protea Seed-eaters flew over and landed in a tree opposite the restaurant (Tea Room). They just sat long enough for all to have a good view, and then flew off to a lower part of the garden. Not a bad sighting for Kirstenbosch! I recall that Brian Vanderwalt had reported seeing them there a while ago too. We were also fortunate to see the Protea Seed-eaters on 2 consecutive days at the site on Gydo Pass. Two of the clients could not see them on the first day, so I drove back from the Tanqua Karoo via Katbakkies and Op-die-berg the next day. We were at the site not longer than 5 minutes when one of the seed-eaters came down to drink. Needless to say, all were very happy!
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MARIANA DELPORT (posted: 2014-11-27 15:01:08)
Hi all
Please see Brigid’s comment below on my earlier e-mail re the sighting of the Protea Seed-eaters in Kirstenbosch. She and Lionel had seen the seed-eaters in Kirstenbosch just over a year ago. Brigid requested that I forward her e-mail to the Cape BirdNet as she is not subscribed to the latter. Unfortunately neither of us have the sophisticated cameras that many of you have, so sadly neither of us have photographic evidence. However, I can assure the sceptics that I know Protea Seed-eaters very well. I grew up in the Witzenberg and Winterhoek Mountains at Tulbagh, where I have seen Protea Seed-eaters in abundance. The birds that we have seen were most certainly not female Chaffiches. There might not be many Protea Seed-eaters on the slopes of Table Mountain, but keep your eyes open for at least two!
Hi Mariana,

This is great news. On 9th November 2013 - Lionel and I reported a pair of Protea canaries in the higher part of the Kirstenbosch garden - not far from where the owls bred! Nobody believed us!! It was the TBC Birding Fun Day, and teams were passing us! We had our books and tab with us - so I did not back down! I have been waiting for someone else to see them there. Great news, as we watched the birds for quite some time.
Lifer for Lionel that day!