Posted on the 27th October 2010

I had a quiet week-end in the Ceres area and did some pentading on some backwater roads. Quiet week-end???????

Came across a dam which had 20 breeding plumage Whiskered Terns flying over it.
On my way home did 2 pentads in the Porterville area and again saw more 14 Terns on one dam (regularly breed here) and another where I could see 2 birds but it was far and more could have been around.
This is the first for the season for me. I phoned a framer fried in the area and he says he saw 2 on 16th Oct at his dam.
Also saw many Black-headed Canaries on the mountain road coming in to drink, some had flying chicks. Black Crake at Ceres Sewerage farm was a great surprise in heavy rain this morning.
A dark brown Steppe Buzzard was photographed on the Agter Paarl/ Durbanville road.
Brian Vanderwalt


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