Posted on the 28th November 2011

Hi All,

Birding on the West Coast has been fairly good this week.

Firstly Rietvlei had a large flock of Lesser Flamingos as well as about 40 Great White Pelicans. Haven’t seen Lesser Flamingos there for some time.

Near the Darling Hills road on the R27 we had 3 male Southern Black Korhaans displaying, not their normal fluttering/hovering display but it seemed like a bragging display as they stayed in the air for about 10minutes.

At Seeberg Hide the European Oystercatcher was sitting on the sand bank with the African Black Oystercatchers and it was obvious how much smaller the Euro was. A huge flock of mixed Common and Sandwich Terns entertained us whilst the Sanderling and Curlew Sandpipers scurried in the shallows that were still left on the in-coming tide. When we left a Gull caught my eye on the dry mudflats behind the hide.  Grey nape, bold black wing markings and a yellow-tipped bill…..Sabine’s Gull sitting on dry land, how lucky was that!!! Normally they are seen at Granger Bay and Yzerfontein in the evenings in Dec when they come in to roost on the water for the night.

At Abrahams Kraal hide we noticed that the White-throated Swallow had built a nest inside the hide where the Pearl-breasted had bred last year. Wonder if the “Pearly” will also take up residence?

On our way home we drove on the Malans Hoogte Road behind Durbanville and saw a couple of pairs of Blue Cranes BUT also an Adult Martial Eagle!!! Have sporadically seen an adult on this road maybe we must check the pylons for a nest.


Brian Vanderwalt




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