Posted on the 31st August 2012

Hi all

Sorry for this rather late report. I have not touched down this past week.

I took 2 sets of clients to the West Coast National Park during the past 10 days. On Saturday, 18 August , while at Abrahamskraal, we had very good sightings of a single African Rail, first in the shallow pond between a yellow flowering Chrysanthemoides (Tick Berry) and the reeds directly to the right of the hide. It appeared and disappeared between the vegetation several times and then walked past the hide to the reeds on the left, where it eventually disappeared. While watching the reed bed for a possible re-sighting of the African Rail, a Purple Swamphen made a very brief appearance. Apart from a few Red-knobbed Coot, a Common Moorhen, an African Spoonbill that disappeared beyond the reeds where it landed, Cape Weavers noisily building their nests, and the mentioned Rail and Swamphen, it was rather quiet on the pond.

On Monday, 20 August I took other clients to the West Coast National Park. Our first stop was once again at Abrahamskraal. This time we saw a pair of African Rail as well as a pair of African Black Crake. It would be interesting to see both pairs breeding there.


Mariana Delport




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