Who said LBJ's are boring?

Posted on the 29th December 2011

I was fortunate enough to find a Large-billed Lark nest along the Swartrivier road outside Botriver village early this morning.  I load a selection of my images herewith in view of trying to tell the story.

Adult bird foraging


The pair used two fenceposts continually









They brought in all sorts of insects


More goggas










They then go to ground and everytime.......


.... run about 5 to 10 yards (on a zigzag) towards the nest









The nest is halfway between the rock & the green leaves


Camouflage at its best (taken from 5 yards)










The two chicks up close


The food keeps on coming










and coming






and again






Further observations:  The two birds never approached the nest from the same direction, or flew away from it in the short time that I watched them.  Upon leaving the nest they would fly a long loop (I estimate a radius of about 100 yards) and then come back to look for insects in an area not further than 30 yards from the nest. Clearly strategies to fool predators. Also interesting that raptors flew past three times (twice Steppe Buzzards and a YBK).  The adult birds dropped the prey items that they were taking to the nest everytime as the raptors approached.  Really clever birds.

At last!  Three hours in the waiting
















HEIDI (posted: 2012-01-07)
Fantastic photo sequence thank you !! Personally I find this as good, if not better than a video clip.One gets the chance to really look at the bird and also the prey in detail at one's leisure. And of course there are the sub titles nogal !!
CARIN MALAN (posted: 2011-12-30)
What clever birds. Congratulations on this amazing kiekies! According to Roberts Nest & Eggs, fledging period not recorded, so another few days and so more wonderfull kiekies ? Well done ! Carin
ELSABE (posted: 2011-12-30)
Is this what is meant by "Larking about"?
BOB ZYLSTRA (posted: 2011-12-29)
Hey man I enjoyed those Larks of yours. Congratulations on some very nice shots!
JOHN FINCHAM (posted: 2011-12-29)
Great. Thanks.
MARLENE HOFMEYR (posted: 2011-12-29)
O how absolutley wonderful for you to have seen this in the making. isn't mother nature just too amazing! thank you so much for sharing.
RICHARD MASSON (posted: 2011-12-29)
Patience delivers her rewards. Stunning sequence that tells the story.