Posted on the 22nd December 2011

Hi everyone

I've just returned to the UK from Cape Town after a brief visit and am pleased I finally found a Victorin's Warbler although I was looking for Ground Woodpeckers than never seem to want to show themselves to me!

The Victorin's was singing and showed itself well twice along the "rockjumper" path at Rooi-els.

It seems to be trying to set up territory on the right (seaward side) of the path about 3/4km along from the gate. There's an obvious large white house on the shore with a gravel drive. Pass that and look for the first huge boulder after that. Its in a gap between telegraph wires where the posts stop and before a new run begins.

Also seen were Cape Rock-thrush three times!

Best wishes for Christmas and New Year

Graham Langley (Uk birder)


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