Posted on the 27th August 2020

Here is a summary of some comments received from participants in these online courses:

“I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed this course. I really think your style is very engaging and it is so relaxed that I have felt relaxed and more able to listen than if it was a very formal lecture. We are keen to join some of your other online courses.” “We are so enjoying this latest course on Migrants. You have such gift for making things interesting and informative. An hour flies by. – Lyn

“Baie dankie vir ‘n wonderlike reis deur die voëllewe van Suid Afrika. Ek voel al soos ‘n PhD student met net boekekennis en geen prakties. Ek is so opgewonde en wil almal om my wakker skud en vertel. Nogmaals dankie! Wanneer begin die volgende kursus dat ek kan inskryf asb?” – Eurika

“Baie dankie vir die Tuinvoël kursus. Dis wonderlik om dit op Zoom te doen. 'n Paar jaar gelede het ek ook die inleidende kursus in Wellington bygewoon. Hierdie maak weer my oë oop en laat my ook verder kyk en waardeer. Ek onthou nog baie wat jy ons geleer het. Sien uit na die volgende kursus! Dankie dat jy jou kennis en liefde vir die natuur met oorgawe en entoesiasme deel.” – Maria

“I have listened to these courses for many years and am amazed at how much clearer the images are on a computer screen compared to a screen in a lecture hall or an environmental educational centre. So much more detail and far more educational.” – Elaine

“Wil net graag skriftelik beklemtoon hoe baie ek julle kursusse via Zoom geniet. Zoom is vir my ook n nuutjie maar dit is nou een van die positiewe gebeure gedurende lockdown. Ek is toergids en dus het ek nog alle jare gevoel my leemte mbt kennis oor voels is baie groot. Ek is ook dus baie in parke en in die bos agv my soort toere. Hierdie kursusse verskaf genot en kennis. Asb hou my gereeld op hoogte mbt kursusse veral die oor die Kalahari en Kruger Nasionale Parke”. – Inge
“Ons het die Garden Birds kursus verskriklik geniet! Dankie vir die harde werk wat jy insit om dit so interessant te maak en so glad te laat verloop. Ek het 2 maal voorheen die kursus by jou gedoen en was verstom oor al die nuwe inligting!” – Cheryl

“Thank you for a very informative and fun course. I learnt a lot. And thank you to Elaine for keeping us all on the straight and narrow, much appreciated. Will be with you again, and making the courses known here!” – Kath

“This was a first for me. It has just wetted my appetite for birding, and raptors in particular. I am planning to enrol for more courses in the near future. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience. I enjoyed it.” – Ian

“Thank you to you and Anton for the online courses. I am finding them very informative and thoroughly enjoying them. In fact they are addictive. So, would you send me registration forms please for the upcoming courses. “ – Francis

“My brother-in-law was just saying what a pleasure it is to listen to someone who knows what he is talking about, has genuine empathy for the topic and really cares about parting knowledge. This was truly an excellent course. Thanks again for that Anton – we really appreciate your efforts. Please thank Elaine as well”. – Mark

“Agter os kom ook in die kraal “ sorry I am responding so late to thank you both for the enormous amount of work you put in to producing and presenting such informative and exciting courses. No matter how long one has been birding there is always something new to learn about these beautiful fascinating creatures created by a loving God who wanted to bless us with their beauty and habits. I have been on many of Japie Claasen’s tours and have not only seen birds but different parts of this and our neighboring countries as well. Birding is such a fascinating and rewarding hobby, it has definitely changed my life”. – Kay

“l must just tell you how much l have enjoyed your three courses that l have completed. Having been into birding for around thirty years now l thought l might get bored doing the "Garden Birds" course but your passion for birds and the enjoyable way in which you present these courses has peaked my interest again in birds”. – Allan

SOME SNIPPETS: “Great talk, again! Always new things to learn and be amazed by..... thank you” – Diana/ “Baie dankie vir 'n wonderlike reeks oor die roofvoels.” – Thea/ “Dankie vir die ontsaglike baie moeite om die raptor kursus saam te stel. Dit was verskriklik leersaam.” – Cheryl / “Baie dankie vir ‘n suksesvolle kursus. Baie geniet. Sal weer in die toekoms wil deelneem.” – Pieter./ “Ek geniet jou kursus regtig baie. Dis baie leersaam en jy verduidelik werklik goed.” – Willem./ “I really enjoyed today's courses, informative, interesting and many great photos.” – Bruce WS/ “All ready and waiting Anton. If they are anything close to last weekend’s quality, we will be spoiled.,..again!” – Bruce M/ “I just love the stories, even though I cannot remember the birds species, I do remember all the stories.” – Eurica/ “Please could you register us for all the other zoom courses. So enjoy the lectures. Thank you.” – Jeanette/ “Always brilliant and love the stories that intersperse your insightful bird ID tips” – Ashley/ “Your work and presentations are impeccable.” 


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