Posted on the 20th April 2020

RedFooted Falcon, Ringló covered nearly 140,000 kilometers on the wing since 2016!

Currently she is waiting in Nigeria, for the northeast headwind to fade over the Sahara. Ringló is in her sixth year of life, since her budding youth, we have been following her daily life for almost 4 years using satellite technology.

She travelled four times from the breeding site in the Danube Delta (see map) to its wintering ground in the Kalahari Basin, +- 140 000 km a record since fitted with the transmitter. It is characteristic of the Redfooted falcons, they fly very efficiently, both thermally and with active wing strikes, but they also do not like to fly in headwinds. Interestingly, she has since chosen the shorter but more difficult route home, visible on the map.

They can reach Europe from South Africa in as little as two weeks. For sure, she is special traveller.

































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