Posted on the 1st April 2020

We are receiving some lovely images (and stories) taken by BirdLife Overberg members in their gardens despite being locked down.

(Steve Peck sent this marvellous story and images – Ed.)
Last night at about 7pm I went to my chicken coops to lock the birds away for the night, as I entered one of the coops I saw hanging upside down from the roof netting a large bat!

Wow, that's a big bat I thought.....until it flew past me brushing my hair and landed on the coop tin roof!
Not a bat....a baby African Goshawk.....

No doubt had flown in to investigate the baby chickens or more likely was chasing the sparrows that steal the chicken food on the floor..

It took me 5 mins before I eventually managed to secure him in hand, what a small and fragile bird he was...he looked so much bigger the other day when I photographed him in the trees above the coop.

I now know what he was doing then.....scoping out the joint!!!









The bird earlier in the week. 
And at the chicken coop yesterday
















A sub-adult African Goshawk In Paula Combrink's garden











Black Sparrowhawk drifting past Steve's Napier property
As well as a sub-adult African Fish Eagle











Ross Dewar got this immature African Harrier-hawk feeding on something on the neighbour's chimney













And for the first time ever Steve got a Tambourine Dove in his garden!
















Watch this space - hopefully there will be lots more goodies coming


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