Posted on the 3rd December 2018

Napier Birding….

Unfortunately the proposed field trip to Napier was called off for today, however that didn’t stop the two Steve’s (Bailey and Peck) from popping out for a couple of hours to see what was around…

So two hours later and over 50+ bird species recorded, along with great and close sightings of a family of Bat-eared Foxes, baby Steenboks, Yellow-tailed mongoose and an assortment of other bok. We decided the club had missed out a little bit!

Four different families of Blue Cranes complete with newborn chicks were seen, always a special sight….then both Steppe Buzzards and the Cranes using the straw bails as look out posts make great photo opportunities…

Red-capped, Large–billed and the special Agulhas Long-billed larks were plentiful, and numerous sightings of juveniles were spotted….like the Yellow Canary, Barn Swallow, Guineafowl and Spur-winged Geese and a tiny Three-banded Plover were all recorded.

Twice we climbed fences and tried to get a shot of an elusive wader that finally showed itself as a Marsh Sandpiper, hiding amongst Sacred Ibis and Spoonbills down at an isolated waterhole.

African Pipits and African Stonechats were seen along with African Black Ducks, Egyptian Geese, Pied and Red-winged Starlings and raptors, such as the Yellow-billed and Black-winged Kite along with Jackal Buzzards all made this a pretty special couple of hours….

Bat-eared Fox











African Sacred Ibises
Spur-winged Geese








Immature Barn Swallow
Adult Barn Swallow










Steppe Buzzard


Blue Crane










Red-capped Lark


Yellow-billed Kite




















Agulhas Long-billed Lark
















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