Posted on the 4th December 2017

On Saturday I took a small group of enthusiastic birders from the club on a mornings birding around Napier.

Bright and early we met up at the sewage works and whilst I was waiting for the first arrivals a lone Denham’s Bustard flew overhead….that’s a good omen I thought!

At the works the usual suspects were gathered, Cape and Red-billed Teal, Yellow-billed Ducks and Cape Shoveler … there was almost a Little Grebe per pond and the Blacksmith Lapwings and Black-winged Stilts flew noisily above.

Common Moorhens scurried around about and Egyptian and Spur-winged Geese exploded off the water as we approached too close.

Riaan (Jacobs) got the sighting of the day as he pointed out a small group of Sanderlings flying away at great speed, to fast in fact for the photo to be taken!

Then it was off to the Klipdale dirt roads, and just as we left the works flying low over head was the resident Booted Eagle … all stopped for the photo opportunity!

The Klipdale road didn’t fail us as we soaked up the numerous locals on the posts and wires … Red-capped Larks, African Pipits, African Stonechats and scores of Barn Swallows sitting pretty.

We stopped of at some disused farm buildings and had great sightings of Familiar Chats gathering food for the youngsters nearby….

Onwards we encountered over 15 different Steppe Buzzards sitting on poles, Jackal Buzzards alongside them and kites flying high in the sky.

A shout from the car and a great sighting of a Southern Black Korhaan was had right by the fence….

Then on the backward journey we saw Cape Longclaw and the Agulhas Long-billed Lark, this was a lifer for Keith and Barbara, so I was well pleased with that!

Then to top it all off a pair of Kittlitz Plovers with two chicks were spotted hiding in the stubble..

All in all over 60 different species were recorded and we all agreed that yet again Napier has delivered great birding!!

Report and images by Steve Peck

African Pipit
Agulhas Long-billed Lark














Young Cape Shoveler
Cape Longclaw











Booted Eagle




Barn Swallows









Southern Black Korhaan


















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