Posted on the 27th November 2017

Their Royal High Nests (Elsa, Joan and Richard) intended keeping their BBD day close to Stanford. Our first bird was Buff-spotted Flufftail hooting to Elsa on the corner of Vlei and Queen Vic Streets as she waited for her pick-up. On to Danger Point which was brilliant in the early morning light. Tide was perfect and we spent some time there. At Uilenskraalmond you need a scope to pick up the waders and small plovers which were unidentifiable small shapes through our binoculars. Witkrans was initially quiet but produced probably our bird of the day - Knysna Woodpecker which appeared to be nesting.








We had coffee at the bar in Baardskeerdersbos as they were so full for breakfast they could not offer us a table. Napier Sewage produced the expected birds as well as Steve Peck who directed us down his favourite wheatfields road towards Klipdale. We agreed we have never seen so many wheatears, larks, pipits, canaries, bishops and cisticolas and this was towards late morning so thanks to Steve for the tip.







I did however get lost as the silos we reached were not the ones we expected at Rietpol so we had a bit of a detour. At about this time Joan reported our Birdlasser was giving problems and not accepting new sightings. We had just passed 100 and in hindsight this was probably a good thing as without the incentive our count fell off along with 200 birds that at one time looked a cinch. As we know, once you get to 100 in the Overberg it gets exponentially easier to pick up new birds.







We returned to Stanford spending half an hour in the hide, a quick scout of the river and jotting our final sightings in a notebook rounding off at 116. With the unintended de-tour we travelled further than planned but had a memorable BBD with good company, delicious food and brilliant Overberg birds.










































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