Posted on the 4th September 2017

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Hi Anton
My thanks indeed to the BL Overberg committee for such an interesting and informative workshop- just sorry I missed the first day due to another commitment. I am also sorry I am going to be away for the next four months, but will follow events with much interest and look forward to getting properly involved on my return.
Thank you again to one and all - the passion displayed was so inspiring.
Best Wishes
Di Parker







This was a fantastic initiative. A big congrats to all who was involved with the organisation!!
I learnt a lot more of what is being done in the area and conservation in general. The fact that Overberg is now home to a Ramsar wetland and Penguin colonies plus rehab puts us in a unique coastal bird category plus all the other special birds breeding on our shores.
I unfortunately leave for Grahamstown tomorrow and return on Sunday evening. I don’t know what you guys think but the one thing I really liked was data needs to be collected to understand the way forward (this appeals to me as a scientist!) – as it’s the year of the African Oystercatcher coming up one thing that went through my head is to find out the status of these birds and possibly the White-fronted Plover on all our coastal areas (quite a large area to cover). I know we have breeding Oystercatchers and WBP in Pringle as I have seen them.
However this is just an idea. I also liked the informative bird signs that Nature Valley guys put up? But I am game to join and support any initiative put forward by you all!
Photo of Oystercatchers and chicks on Pringle Bay’s main beach – the bred successfully over the busy Christmas holiday season. One chick survived the other was taken by a jackal buzzard!
Kind regards
Jenny Parsons











Morning Anton
Many thanks from both of us; it was one of the most engaging workshops which I have attended, the numbers of which I lost count of at least a decade ago.
Colin & Jeannie de Kock








Hi Anton and Carin

I would like to echo Jenny’s comment on the workshop. I am amazed at the work that is being done in our area. Thank you for putting it together and getting us to focus. I am so sorry that more members were not present.
The focus areas identified yesterday afternoon fit well into what Jenny suggests. The one angle that she stresses is the Ramsar site. Maybe that should be included into our new focus.
Do have a good rest after the full weekend!
Carl Swart

Well done Anton. Very Inspiring to see so many positive initiatives.

Duncan Butchart

Thanks it was both interesting and inspiring

Fiona Matthes  - Rethink Single Use Plastic 

Thank you so much for the weekend event. It was great to hear what everyone is doing. Mark Brown’s work is incredible.

Brenda du Toit - Dyer Island Conservation Trust


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