Posted on the 14th May 2017

(Steve Peck volunteered to assist other BirdLife Overberg members by counting birds during Global Big Day. He managed to add more than 70 species in and around his home-patch at Napier. Enjoy his short report and images. - Ed.)

My big bird count started at 6.30am, long before the sun was up, I wanted to get to the dams early as I knew I would be well rewarded…and I was, as sightings of Cape Teal, Red- billed Teal, Water Thick-Knees, Black–winged Stilts and a host of LBJ’s were recorded!

Grey-backed Cisticola
Levaillant's Cisticola










Then it was back for breakfast at my place and sitting on the stoep I managed another 20 species in an hour…birds like Drongo, Olive Thrush, Sunbirds, Hoopoe and best of all an African Goshawk all found themselves added to the “list”.

African Goshawk
Capped Wheatear










Then my wife, Lee, and I took a drive out into the wheatbelt along the dirt tracks and added Denham’s Bustards, Blue Cranes, African Stonechat, Large-billed & Red-capped Larks, African and Plain-backed Pipits, Hadeda and Sacred Ibis and a host more birds were “put” on the list.

Cattle Egrets in flight












But the best was yet to come, as when we passed a little roadside pond I spied a face looking out at me from the bushes…a Black-crowned Night-Heron was hunting its lunch ….. and as I turned around looking at me from across the road was a Spotted Eagle-Owl, no doubt bemused with my antics to photograph the heron!

Black-crowned Night-Heron













My list ended with some 70+ species recorded on it, and yet another fabulous day’s excuse to go birding came to an end…until tomorrow!

African Hoopoe
Spotted Eagle-Owl


















CHARLOTTE AUGUSTYN (posted: 2017-05-15 06:55:51)
Fantastic Steve!Well done.
ANTON ODENDAL (posted: 2017-05-14 21:35:27)
I agree with Carol - very well done Steve. I feel this should become a more regular event if we can get more members involved
CAROL VAN HOOGSTRATEN (posted: 2017-05-14 21:26:33)
Well done Steve. Very impressive!!