Posted on the 7th April 2017

(Gary and Paula Combrink with friends spent some time in Sri Lanka. Paula forwarded these wonderful images of some of Sri Lanka's fascinating birds and other wildlife. Enjoy! - Ed.)

SRI LANKA ~ March 2017
There are 34 endemic species in Sri Lanka which is a high density given the size of the Island.
Being a tropical island with superb forest canopies be they natural or agriculture it’s quite difficult to spot but the song birds are enough to peak any visitors interest.
We visited to 2 National Parks doing day trips - Yala and Bundala Wetland where most of our “birding” was done and spoilt we were in its richness. 47% of birds in Sri Lanka are resident while the balance migrate with a total of 459 species recorded at the last count.
The Ceylon Junglefowl is their National Bird – which sure has shiny feathers but really needs to be rethought! Sadly two birds I saw but never got photographs of were the Indian Pitta (blue hues of artistic brilliance) and the Hanging Parrot with its crimson head and emerald body ~ next time!!
Here are some of the photos …..

Text and images by Paula Combrink.

Orange-Breasted Green-Pigeon
















Great Thick-Knee
Indian Stone Curlews












Chestnut-headed Bee-Eaters











Sri Lanka Leopard
And again








Ceylon Paradise-Flycatcher













Brahminy Kite
Grey-headed Fish-Eagle










Indian Flycatcher
Western Yellow Wagtail















Wrestling Monitors











Peacock ~ so completely royal
Peahens seeing off a Golden Jackal 










Jungle Fowl
Pheasant-tailed Jacana











Malabar Pied Hornbill ~ more regal than our Trumpeter Hornbill
Painted Stork with catch












Brown-headed Barbet feeding chicks
Orange-Breasted Green-Pigeon









Prolific and varied amount of waterbirds in Bundala wetland where we watched various Herons, Terns, Stints, Warblers, large Storks , Larks and Pipits, birds of Prey and more and more. The non-birders in our group were smitten!















JENNY PARSONS (posted: 2017-04-10 12:12:29)
Wow how awesome Paula - the photo's are magnificent! Thanks for sharing
CAROL VAN HOOGSTRATEN (posted: 2017-04-07 19:17:48)
Incredible!! Thank you Paula for sharing those exquisite photos.