Posted on the 10th May 2016

Once a year BirdLife Overberg present a talk on a topic not related to birding as such and last night we attracted a record crowd for a talk on the activities of the Cape Leopard Trust. Anita Meyer and Jeannie Hayward entertained us with a very professional talk illustrated with astonishing images mostly taken with camera traps. The talk was entitled “The Cape Leopard - a Key Umbrella Species for Biodiversity Conservation and Environmental Education".








(Leopard images provided by the Cape Leopard Trust)

The Cape Leopard Trust manage a number of active leopard and predator research projects in the Western Cape region. The enigmatic Cape Leopard is used as an icon to advocate for the protection of predators in their natural environments, as well as to raise awareness of broader biodiversity issues and promoting the need for committed conservation of ecosystems.
With the help of a few maps and lots of photographs the two Boland researchers, gave an overview of the Cape Leopard Trust's activities in the Western Cape since 2004. They described how they study these magnificent predators and what is currently known about their ecology and behaviour. They explained what the Boland Project is all about and shared some of the exciting results obtained thus far in the Boland mountains. They demonstrated how many leopards have been identified and how the various individual animals are identified. Maps were shown illustrating where the leopards occur and surprising findings were discussed on what the leopards eat. All of this resulted a fascinating evening with the participants being blown away with the enthusiasm and dedication of Anita and Jeannie.










The committee decided to donate R 2,500.00 to their cause and we only heard during the talk that the equipment for a camera trap costs R 4,500.00. When Carin handed over the cheque she challenged the group to make further contributions and a whopping R2,500.00 in cash was generated right there and then before supper had even started. This makes one proud of being associated with BirdLife Overberg and we would like to extend our huge gratitude and appreciation to everyone who had contributed to raising this money. Thank you very much!

We would also like to thank Estelle Neethling and Paula Combrink for their wonderful catering that contributed hugely to the success of the evening.










Brief reminders of future events: Our next morning outing is on Sunday 15 May when we will visit the Hawstone Sewage Works, Meer-en-See and possibly some other birding hotspots in the area. Prof Peter Ryan, the Director of the Fitz will be our guest speaker on 13 June when he will highlight the problem of plastics in our oceans. Peter is regarded as the world authority on this topic, so don't miss out on this one. Our next midweek outing will be between 16 and 21 October to the Algeria section of the Cederberg Wilderness Area. Details of all of these exciting events are available under the EVENTS SECTION OF THE CLUB WEBSITE at this link:




















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