Posted on the 11th December 2018

Where does one go birding in the Witzenberg local municipal region during summer holiday period? Find details of all the top bird-watching destinations in the greater Witzenberg region here:

Top 10 bird-watching hot spots in the Witzenberg region:

1. Bainskloof Pass & the Bergsig Wine Estate.

2. Several spots in the Tulbagh district.

3. The Kluitjieskraal Road, Wolseley district.

4. Mitchell's Pass & the Ceres Golf Course.

5. The Swaarmoed Pass circle route

6. The Droëhoek circle route, Ceres District.

7. The Karoopoort picnic site

8. The Swartruggens Road, Koue Bokkeveld.

9. The Katbakkies picnic site.

10. Tankwa-Karoo National Park.

The Witzenberg municipal area in the Cape Winelands region of the Western Cape Province of South Africa is internationally renowned as a tourist destination. Consider, for instance, the Cape Floral Kingdom, spectacular land- and mountainscapes, snow during winter, the Tankwa Karoo and the Koue Bokkeveld, diverse peoples ¬ the list goes on. One of the region’s greatest assets is the diversity of bird species found here: it hosts a range of often sought-after bird species, such as the KAROO CHAT, BURCHELL'S COURSER, CAPE EAGLE-OWL, KAROO EREMOMELA, PROTEA SEEDEATER, CAPE SISKIN, CAPE SUGARBIRD, ORANGE-BREASTED SUNBIRD, CINNAMON-BREASTED and VICTORIN'S WARBLERS and many more.
Further to this, several under-utilised and ecologically varied birding destinations such as the Bainskloof Pass & the Bergsig Wine Estate, Mitchell's Pass & the Ceres Golf Course, The Droëhoek circle route, Ceres District, the Swartruggens Road, Koue Bokkeveld, Katbakkies picnic site and others need to be properly exposed to a rapidly growing birdwatching fraternity. The Tankwa-Karoo National Park is included in this web page as the Witzenberg region forms the gateway to it.
The region further boasts an excellent tourism infrastructure and several accommodation establishments are well equipped to cope with the demands set by local and international birders-watchers.

Klondyke Cherry farm view  (Image provided)
Bergsig Wine Estate view  (Image provided)










Cinnamon-breasted Buntings  (Carin Malan)
Black Harrier  (Carin Malan)











Black Ducks  (Anton)
Fairy Flycatcher  (Carin Malan)









Grey-winged Francolin  (Anton)














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