Posted on the 8th June 2015

Dear All,

We have Bar-throated Apalis in our garden regularly (always). This morning I nearly mistaken them for this fantastic little bird, only 6g - a Fairy Flycatcher !!! The nearest I have seen them in our area is Koppies, half way between Villiersdorp and Worcester.

According to the Rob Martin and Jessie Waltons Kogelberg Birdlist, the most recent record is of a single bird at Rooiels on 23 June 2008. A winter vagrant to the area.

What a lovely visitor and how beautiful !!!

Hope you are all warm and enjoying the tennis !!

Carin Malan

(Images also by Carin)


HEIDE WETMORE (posted: 2015-06-10 20:59:35)
Yes, what a beauty and lucky to have seen it in your garden. Just for interest sake I saw a Barred Wren Warbler in the Kgalagadi (Mata Mata) two weeks ago and that was thrilling since I have never seen one before.
Kind regards and thank you for sharing your photos.
ERIK NIELSEN (posted: 2015-06-08 14:49:51)
I live in Goedemoed, Durbanville and have had a Fairy Flycatcher visit my garden last Friday afternoon and the Friday two weeks before.This Friday it stayed for an hour. I suspect it is wintering in the area.
Erik Nielsen
HELEN BIRAM (posted: 2015-06-08 12:42:22)
Agree with you entirely Carin - here in JHB they are our winter highlights - visiting from late march till late September Thanks you for sharing your super photos