Posted on the 28th September 2009

(Jessie Blackshaw and Mariana Delport posted these sightings on the capebirdnet).

My husband came back from his walk on Rod's Trail, Betty's Bay late this afternoon having seen 2 rockjumpers. So I left with my binos, camera and dog to see if I could spot them. Strangely enough I spotted one directly above our house about 20 m above Rod's trail path. I heard them calling and managed to get a photo. This is in the pentad 3420_1850. A friend had reported seeing one in April also near Rod's trail. Maybe these are the first sightings here, a pentad away from Rooi Els.

Jessie Blackshaw

I hiked from Fairy Glen (above Palmietriviervlei, to the west of Kleinmond) a year ago. I was with a group of non-birders, who did not appreciate my excitement when I first heard and then saw a Cape Rockjumper a few meters away from me on Kasteelkopnek (more or less above the Palmiet campsite). I’m sure that there are many undiscovered (or unreported?) Cape Rockjumpers in the Western Cape mountains. As I said before, hikers are generally not birdwatchers and birdwatchers are generally not hikers.

We’ve been struggling to find the Rockjumpers at Rooiels lately. I was there with clients last week, and after some searching and a lot of patience in a gale-force wind we eventually found them very high up the slope, just below the rock-face. They were just little specs on the rocks, not displaying or calling at all.



Barbara Palmer also added the following on the capebirdnet: On Monday 28th September my husband Graham had a clear sighting of a Cape Rock-Jumper hopping around on the rocks in the mountain above Voëlklip, Hermanus. Pentad 3419_2015: exact location ~200m north of trig. beacon 210 at the top of the Droëkloof.




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