Posted on the 30th January 2013

(We recieved good news of new birding trail along the Fisherhaven section of the Botriver estuary.  Another feather in the Overberg birding cap. - Ed.)

Dear Dr Odendal

Your presentation at the Botfriends meeting some time ago was very interesting and we took note of your comment that the Bot River lagoon was a prime birdwatching area but rather inaccessible for birdwatchers.
Since then we have tried to do something about that and the attached Google Earth maps show the start of this effort.
The hiking tracks are marked by poles with a white top and there is is sign "Birdwatching" on Riverside Drive where the path leads to a viewpoint near the Afdaks River (where there is currently very little water after the opening of the mouth of the lagoon). A "Hiking track" sign at the slipway parking area shows the start of the other track going around Seaway Corner and we have put a bench at the viewpoint behind the Yacht Club. We are planning to mark this track with some more signs.

We hope that the birdwatching community will find these tracks useful and would welcome comments and suggestions regarding further improvements of the area.

Hanne Veenstra
(Secretary: Fisherhaven Ratepayer's Association)





























CARIN MALAN (posted: 2013-01-29)
Hi Anton,
That sounds wonderful, I already see in birding route, starting at Rooisand, all the way to Arabella, crossing by boat either from Rooisand or @ Phase II Arabella getting off at your friends on the wine estate across , then walking all along the coast line to Fishershaven and then Meer-en-See maybe ?