Posted on the 22nd November 2011

Yesterday at 4pm an odd swallow was seen at the farm where the Swartriver Road joins the old Hermanus road just over the girder bridge. Its colour was a sort of silver grey and it was associating with and flying like a Barn Swallow. My Swiss Birding pal took some pics which I will receive in a couple of weeks but it may be worth looking out for if in the area. I Googled Leucistic Barn Swallow and found photos of a similar bird in the UK which however had the brown throat lacking in the bird we saw. Ours appeared to have some black on the head.

Incidentally the birding round the farm was very good. There were several Namaqua Doves in the yard as well as a Grey-headed Sparrow. A Purple Heron flushed from the reeds and there was a stunning flock of about 20 all male Red Bishops. A juvenile Malachite caused my companion to call a European Kingfisher! We logged 30 species in as many minutes.

Earlier a Denham's Bustard showed well at the Fisherhaven end of the old road and at Rooiels we had a Victorins Warbler singing ON TOP of a bush and a party of Rockjumpers round our feet.

John Carter


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