Posted on the 21st November 2011

Dear All

I went for a walk yesterday afternoon in the newly cleared section of Cecilia Forest. It always used to be my most reliable spot for Cape Siskin but it was always very tricky as they loved sitting in the tops of the pines and gums. You could easily tick them as you could hear them but getting a view was always very tough. With that hillside now cleared of all the ugly pines there is plenty of food source for the birds and I have seldom had such good views of Cape Siskin. They were foraging amongst the debris of the pines and provided some great photographic opportunities. The birds are amazingly tame as well. Cape Canary is by far the most dominant seedeater there but careful listening and sifting through the foraging birds will produce plenty of Cape Siskins.

It is also amazing to see the fynbos already starting to find its way amongst the tree stumps and I look forward to enjoying that hillside far more than I used to.

I will most likely post a blog with some pics during the course of the week.


Mike Buckham

Tertius Gouws added the following:

Rooiels is also currently very good for Cape Siskin. I guided some UK birders there on Friday and the siskins were tame and easily seen next to and on the path within about 50 – 100 m from the gate.

Tertius Gouws




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