Posted on the 13th September 2011

Further to Pieter La grange’s posting on the status of Voelvlei on 6th September 2011. We visited yesterday, and can add that in addition to his list of migrant arrivals we saw little stints and curlew sandpipers, both in moulting plumage – nice to see the brown/russet colours on these birds not normally associated with their stay in South Africa. Also present were a fair number of Green Shanks. There were large numbers of nesting Kitlitz Plovers along the flooded road. Careful observation will let you find the very well camouflaged nests, amongst the stones on the very edge of the road.

On adjacent dams [and there are many in the area now], large numbers of Black necked Grebes in full breeding plumage as well as Mocoa Ducks, which are always great to see.

I agree with Pieter, this is well worth a visit now. We managed to clock up 97 birds species in 24 hours.


Mike Bridgeford



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