Posted on the 21st April 2021

This provisional list of birds recorded in Montagu town includes species confirmed in the Montagu Mountain Reserve. The species were recorded by the late Rob Martin and the author and combined with the applicable SABAP2 pentad statistics. This list should not be regarded as being comprehensive, but be seen as the minimum number of species that have been recorded in the area. Most importantly, the high percentage of endemic and near-endemic should clearly indicate the great potential that the town has for birding tourism. Kindly forward confirmed sightings of other species to Anton at

Apalis Bar-throated
Batis Cape (Endemic)
Bee-eater European (Summer migrant)
Bishop Yellow
Bokmakierie Bokmakierie (Near-endemic)
Boubou Southern (Endemic)
Bulbul Cape (Endemic)
Bunting Cape (Near-endemic)
Buzzard Jackal (Endemic)
Buzzard Common (Summer migrant)
Canary Brimstone
Canary Cape (Endemic)
Canary White-throated (Near-endemic)
Canary Yellow (Near-endemic)
Chat Familiar
Cisticola Grey-backed (Near-endemic)
Cisticola Levaillant's
Coot Red-knobbed
Cormorant Reed
Cormorant White-breasted
Crake Black

Familiar Chat
Cape Bulbul












Crane Blue (Endemic)
Crombec Long-billed
Crow Cape
Crow Pied
Cuckoo Diederick (Summer migrant)
Cuckoo Klaas's
Cuckoo Red-chested (Summer migrant)
Darter African
Dove Laughing
Dove Namaqua
Dove Red-eyed
Dove Ring-necked
Dove Rock
Dove Tambourine
Drongo Fork-tailed
Duck African Black
Duck Yellow-billed
Eagle Booted
Eagle Verreaux's
Eagle-owl Spotted
Egret Cattle
Egret Little

Verreaux's Eagle
African Black Ducks












Falcon Lanner
Falcon Peregrine
Fiscal Southern
Fish-eagle African
Flycatcher African Dusky
Flycatcher Fairy (Endemic)
Flycatcher Fiscal (Endemic)
Flycatcher Spotted (Summer migrant)
Francolin Grey-winged (Endemic)
Goose Egyptian
Goose Spur-winged
Goshawk Southern Pale Chanting (Near-endemic)
Grassbird Cape (Endemic)
Grebe Black-necked
Grebe Great Crested
Grebe Little
Greenbul Sombre
Guineafowl Helmeted
Hamerkop Hamerkop
Harrier Black (Endemic)
Harrier-Hawk African
Heron Black-headed
Heron Grey
Heron Purple

African Dusky Flycatcher
Cape Grassbird













Honeyguide Lesser
Hoopoe African
House-martin Common (Summer migrant)
Ibis African Sacred
Ibis Glossy
Ibis Hadeda
Kestrel Rock
Kingfisher Brown-hooded
Kingfisher Giant
Kingfisher Malachite
Kingfisher Pied
Kite Black-shouldered
Kite Yellow-billed (Summer migrant)
Lapwing Blacksmith
Lapwing Crowned
Martin Brown-throated
Martin Rock
Masked-weaver Southern
Moorhen Common
Mousebird Red-faced
Mousebird Speckled
Mousebird White-backed (Endemic)

Brown-hooded Kingfisher
Yellow-billed Kite










Neddicky Neddicky
Night-Heron Black-crowned
Nightjar Fiery-necked
Nightjar Freckled
Osprey Western (Summer migrant)
Ostrich Common
Palm-swift African
Paradise-flycatcher African (Summer migrant)
Penduline-Tit Cape (Near-endemic)
Pigeon African Olive
Pigeon Speckled
Pipit African
Pipit African Rock (Endemic)
Plover Kittlitz's
Plover Three-banded
Prinia Karoo (Endemic)
Quelea Red-billed
Raven White-necked
Reed-warbler African (Summer migrant)
Robin-chat Cape
Rock-thrush Cape (Endemic)

Cape Rock Thrush









Rush-warbler Little
Sandpiper Common (Summer migrant)
Saw-wing Black (Summer migrant)
Scrub-robin Karoo (Endemic)
Seedeater Protea (Endemic)
Seedeater Streaky-headed
Shelduck South African (Endemic)
Shoveler Cape (Endemic)
Siskin Cape (Endemic)
Sparrow Cape (Near-endemic)
Sparrow House
Sparrow Southern Grey-headed
Sparrowhawk Black
Spoonbill African
Spurfowl Cape (Endemic)
Starling Common
Starling Pale-winged (Near-endemic)
Starling Pied (Endemic)
Starling Red-winged
Stilt Black-winged
Stonechat African
Stork Black
Sugarbird Cape (Endemic)
Sunbird Amethyst
Sunbird Greater Double-collared (Endemic)

Cape Spurfowl
Cape Sugarbird












Sunbird Malachite
Sunbird Orange-breasted (Endemic)
Sunbird Southern Double-collared (Endemic)
Swallow Barn (Summer migrant)
Swallow Greater Striped (Summer migrant)
Swallow Pearl-breasted (Summer migrant)
Swallow White-throated (Summer migrant)
Swamp-warbler Lesser
Swift African Black (Summer migrant)
Swift Alpine (Summer migrant)
Swift Little (Summer migrant)
Swift White-rumped (Summer migrant)
Tchagra Southern (Endemic)
Teal Cape
Teal Red-billed
Thick-knee Spotted
Thrush Karoo (Endemic)
Thrush Olive
Wagtail Cape
Warbler Chestnut-vented (Near-endemic)
Warbler Layard’s (Endemic)
Warbler Namaqua (Endemic)
Warbler Victorin's (Endemic)

Orange-breasted Sunbird
Spotted Thick-knee












Warbler Willow (Summer migrant)
Waxbill Common
Waxbill Swee (Endemic)
Weaver Cape (Endemic)
Wheatear Mountain (Near-endemic)
White-eye Cape (Endemic)
Whydah Pin-tailed
Woodpecker Cardinal
Woodpecker Ground (Endemic)

Ground Woodpecker
Cape Weaver











(Images by Anton)




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