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Apalis Bar-throated
Barbet Acacia Pied (Near-endemic)
Batis Cape (Endemic)
Batis Pririt (Near-endemic)
Bee-eater European (Summer migrant)
Bishop Southern Red
Bishop Yellow
Bittern Little (Visitor)
Bokmakierie Bokmakierie (Near-endemic)
Boubou Southern (Endemic)
Bulbul Cape (Endemic)
Bunting Cape (Near-endemic)
Bunting Cinnamon-breasted
Bunting Lark-like (Near-endemic) (Visitor)
Buzzard Jackal (Endemic)
Buzzard Common (Summer migrant)
Canary Black-headed (Endemic) (Visitor)
Canary Brimstone
Canary Cape (Endemic)
Canary Forest (Endemic) (Historical records)
Canary White-throated (Near-endemic)
Canary Yellow (Near-endemic)

Pririt Batis
Southern Boubou









Chat Familiar
Chat Karoo (Near-endemic)
Cisticola Cloud (Near-endemic)
Cisticola Grey-backed (Near-endemic)
Cisticola Levaillant's
Cisticola Zitting
Coot Red-knobbed
Cormorant Reed
Cormorant White-breasted
Coucal Burchell's
Courser Double-banded (Visitor)
Crake Black
Crane Blue (Endemic)
Crombec Long-billed
Crow Cape
Crow Pied
Cuckoo Diederick (Summer migrant)
Cuckoo Great Spotted (Vagrant)
Cuckoo Klaas's
Darter African
Dove Laughing
Dove Namaqua
Dove Red-eyed
Dove Ring-necked
Dove Rock
Dove Tambourine
Drongo Fork-tailed

Zitting Cisticola
Red-knobbed Coot











Duck African Black (Visitor)
Duck Maccoa (Vagrant)
Duck White-faced
Duck Yellow-billed
Eagle Booted
Eagle Martial (Vagrant)
Eagle Verreaux's
Eagle-owl Spotted
Egret Cattle
Egret Great (Vagrant)
Egret Intermediate (Visitor)
Egret Little
Eremomela Yellow-bellied
Falcon Lanner (Visitor)
Falcon Peregrine
Fiscal Southern
Fish-eagle African (Visitor)
Flufftail Red-chested
Flycatcher African Dusky
Flycatcher Fairy (Endemic)
Flycatcher Fiscal (Endemic)
Flycatcher Spotted (Summer migrant)
Francolin Grey-winged (Endemic) (Visitor)
Goose Egyptian
Goose Spur-winged (Visitor)

White-faced Ducks
Long-billed Crombec










Goshawk African (Visitor)
Goshawk Southern Pale Chanting (Near-endemic)
Grassbird Cape (Endemic)
Grebe Black-necked (Visitor)
Grebe Great Crested (Visitor)
Grebe Little
Greenbul Sombre
Greenshank Common (Summer migrant)
Guineafowl Helmeted
Hamerkop Hamerkop
Harrier Black (Endemic) (Vagrant)
Harrier Montagu’s (Vagrant)
Harrier-Hawk African
Heron Black-headed
Heron Goliath (Vagrant)
Heron Grey
Heron Purple
Heron Squacco (Vagrant)
Honeyguide Greater
Honeyguide Lesser (Vagrant)
Hoopoe African
House-martin Common (Summer migrant)

Grey Heron
Common Greenshank










Ibis African Sacred
Ibis Glossy (Visitor)
Ibis Hadeda
Kestrel Rock
Kingfisher Brown-hooded
Kingfisher Giant
Kingfisher Malachite
Kingfisher Pied
Kite Black-shouldered
Kite Yellow-billed (Summer migrant)
Korhaan Southern Black (Endemic)
Lapwing Blacksmith
Lapwing Crowned
Lark Agulhas Long-billed (Endemic)
Lark Cape Clapper (Endemic)
Lark Karoo (Endemic)
Lark Karoo Long-billed (Endemic)
Lark Large-billed (Endemic)
Lark Red-capped
Longclaw Cape (Endemic)
Marsh-Harrier African (Visitor)
Martin Banded (Summer migrant) (Vagrant)
Martin Brown-throated

Southern Black Korhaan
Large-billed Lark














Martin Rock
Masked-weaver Southern
Moorhen Common
Mousebird Red-faced
Mousebird Speckled
Mousebird White-backed (Endemic)
Neddicky Neddicky
Night-Heron Black-crowned (Visitor)
Nightjar Fiery-necked
Nightjar Rufous-cheeked (Summer migrant)
Olive-pigeon African
Ostrich Common
Owl Barn
Paradise-flycatcher African (Summer migrant)
Penduline-tit Cape (Near-endemic)
Pigeon Speckled
Pipit African
Pipit African Rock (Endemic)
Pipit Nicholson's
Pipit Plain-backed
Plover Common Ringed (Summer migrant)
Plover Kittlitz's (Visitor)
Plover Three-banded

Black-crowned Night-Heron
Common Ringed Plover









Pochard Southern (Visitor)
Prinia Karoo (Endemic)
Quail Common (Summer migrant)
Quelea Red-billed
Rail African
Raven White-necked
Reed-warbler African (Summer migrant)
Robin-chat Cape
Rock-thrush Cape (Endemic)
Rush-warbler Little
Sandgrouse Namaqua (Visitor)
Sandpiper Common (Summer migrant)
Sandpiper Curlew (Summer migrant)
Sandpiper Wood (Vagrant)
Saw-wing Black (Summer migrant)
Scrub-robin Karoo (Endemic)
Secretarybird Secretarybird
Seedeater Protea (Endemic)
Seedeater Streaky-headed
Shelduck South African (Endemic) (Visitor)
Shoveler Cape (Endemic) (Visitor)

African Rail
Karoo Prinia








Siskin Cape (Endemic)
Snipe African (Visitor)
Sparrow Cape (Near-endemic)
Sparrow House
Sparrow Southern Grey-headed
Sparrowhawk Black
Sparrowhawk Rufous-chested (Vagrant)
Spoonbill African
Spurfowl Cape (Endemic)
Starling Common
Starling Pied (Endemic)
Starling Red-winged
Starling Wattled
Stilt Black-winged (Visitor)
Stint Little (Summer migrant) (Vagrant)
Stonechat African
Stork Black (Visitor)
Sugarbird Cape (Endemic)
Sunbird Amethyst
Sunbird Dusky (Near-endemic)
Sunbird Greater Double-collared (Endemic)
Sunbird Malachite
Sunbird Orange-breasted (Endemic)
Sunbird Southern Double-collared (Endemic)
Swallow Barn (Summer migrant)

White-throated Swallow
Cape Siskin









Swallow Greater Striped (Summer migrant)
Swallow Pearl-breasted (Summer migrant)
Swallow White-throated (Summer migrant)
Swamp-warbler Lesser
Swift African Black (Summer migrant)
Swift Alpine (Summer migrant)
Swift Common (Summer migrant) (Vagrant)
Swift Horus (Summer migrant) (Vagrant)
Swift Little (Summer migrant)
Swift White-rumped (Summer migrant)
Tchagra Southern (Endemic)
Teal Cape
Teal Red-billed (Visitor)
Tern White-winged (Vagrant)
Thick-knee Spotted
Thick-knee Water (Vagrant)
Thrush Karoo (Endemic)
Thrush Olive
Tit Grey (Endemic)
Vulture Cape (Vagrant)
Wagtail Cape
Warbler Chestnut-vented (Near-endemic)
Warbler Layard's (Endemic)
Warbler Namaqua (Endemic)
Warbler Rufous-eared (Endemic)
Warbler Willow (Summer migrant)
Waxbill Common
Waxbill Swee (Endemic)
Weaver Cape (Endemic)
Wheatear Capped
Wheatear Mountain (Near-endemic)
White-eye Cape (Endemic)
Whydah Pin-tailed
Woodpecker Cardinal
Woodpecker Ground (Endemic)

African Reed Warbler
Capped Wheatear









(Images By Anton)


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