Posted on the 23rd February 2021

It was decided to start with a new monthly series illustrating interesting images received from members. It is hoped that this will spark more interest in the fascinating birds around us.

Riaan Jacobs found these Namaqua Sandgrouses at De Hoop Nature Reserve. These birds are regarded as very rare in the Overberg even though Sharon Brink had seen them often in the past. Maybe these birds are far more common in the region than previously anticipated? This again illustrates the importance of the reporting of sightings.
















This is a classic image of a Grey Plover taken by Johan van der Westhuizen at Rooisand. Many birders joke that it should be called the Russian lady – it is the only wader that doesn’t shave under her armpits 


























MC Botha photographed the odd looking bird of prey in the next two images in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. The possible identity of this bird created lots of debate. Try your hand at identifying this species as this is quite a challenge. The answer is provided at the bottom of this page.







































Theanette Staal regularly sees this Red-headed Finch in the company of three females in her garden at Kleinbaai. The general feeling is that these birds escaped from an aviary somewhere in the area as they should not occur in the region



















African Cuckoos parasitise the Fork-tailed Drongo exclusively. This lovely image was taken by MC Botha in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park
































This Lesser Crested Tern created great interest at Rooisand. This image by Lester van Groeningen of the bird in the company of Common and Sandwich Terns and a Hartlaub’s Gull clearly illustrates that it is smaller than the Greater Crested (Swift) Tern












Steve Peck photographed this magnificent Eurasian Hobby flying over his property in Napier






















This classic image of a Kittlitz’s Plover with it chick by Carin Malan is certainly my favourite photograph received this month














Theanette Staal photographed this very confusing sparrow in her garden in Kleinbaai. The bird is in the company of a House Sparrow. Trevor Hardaker agreed that it is a Cape Sparrow x House Sparrow hybrid. 


















Serious injuries sustained by a Blue Crane after a collision with a farm fence. This image by Steve Peck taken at a rehab centre illustrates why we should continue with the campaign to inform farmers of the dangers of fences. This bird unfortunately had to be put down.
























Did you know that Ground Squirrels will sometimes eat dead birds? MC Botha recorded this in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park












A bird that we are often asked to identify for people is the juvenile Capped Wheatear. This image by Steve Peck beautifully illustrates what the bird looks like




























The Bird of Prey illustrated above is a recently fledged juvenile Yellow-billed Kite - There is always something to learn in birds and birding


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