Posted on the 1st November 2019

We have experimented with the formats of the Flight for Birders and Flight Higher courses over the last few months and are now happy with what had been established. There are more than 30 different talks in place and for both courses we can now give participants a choice of topics that they want us to address.

We presented the Flight for Birders course for CapeNature staff members at Algeria in the Cederberg Wilderness this week. The participants are mostly stationed in the interior of the Cape West Coast with the result that in the conservation section we discussed Pied Crows and bustards and korhane rather than African Penguins and albatrosses. In the birding tourism section we discussed the endemics of the Western Cape Province instead of South African endemics. In the section on how to prepare for birding at a new place we discussed the Tankwa Karoo National Park rather than Kruger or Kgalagadi. The participants at a recent Flight Higher course at Sedgefield selected totally different topics.

The advantage of giving people such choices is that we now not only look at regional topics and issues, but can focus on more local issues. All future courses will be adapted in this way. We are currently putting courses together for George, Swellendam, Robertson and Clanwilliam and details of these will be released soon.

Here are some comments received from participants in recent courses:
“Thanks to you and Anton for the most informative time spent last week at the course. Antón was very inspirational and I was actually glad for the power cut as he was even more impressive speaking off the cuff. I have never heard someone so well informed about birds before! His passion for the environment cause was clear and we hope to attend another course of yours soon (when we have sorted out child care here in SA). Please do keep us posted on anything that comes up. Very best regards.”

David and Natasha

“Danksy Anton Odendal is ek van voor af weer halsoorkop verlief op die lewe en die natuur en die diversiteit van voëls. Sprakelose verwondering.”

“I would like to thank you very much for the absolutely amazing and inspiring course you presented over the past weekend! I am just sorry that there was not a larger turnout. You definitely deserved a far larger audience. People who did not attend definitely missed something really special. I am looking forward to rejoining your club and hopefully attending the talks and outings ( the latter when my toe heals…) We, who are passionate about the birdlife and conservation in this precious area of the Overberg are truly blessed to have a such people like you and Elaine in our midst!”
Warm regards,

“Baie dankie vir ‘n heerlike kursus, Eskom beurtkrag et al. Andries is beslis uitverkoop op birding en bewaring.”

Participants in the course at Algeria in the beautiful Cederberg Wilderness













Southern Black Korhaan as part of the talk on the conservation of bustards & korhane
Knysna Turaco - one of the endemics found in the Western Cape











Spike-heeled Lark as part of the focus on birding in the Tankwa Karoo
Grey-winged Francolin - one of the endemics found in the Western Cape












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