Posted on the 27th April 2018

This is the report on one of the six projects forming part of the BirdLife Overberg conservation campaign on our coastline and estuaries, now being called the CleanMarine project. Like the "CleanMarine at BirdLife Overberg" Facebook page to receive regular news and updates on our projects. This is a report on progress made during April – the reports on the other five conservation projects are being published separately.

We appeal to members, friends and partners to forward ideas and talk to us on how we can raise more funds and investigate possible donations to sustain these CleanMarine projects in the short, medium and long term.

The aim of this project is to undertake more regular Co-ordinated Waterbird (CWAC) counts along the Klein-, Uilenkraal and Botriver estuaries and at the Vermont salt pan. These counts will be done in support of the work being undertaken by dr Giselle Murison of BirdLife South Africa and Pierre de Villiers of CapeNature aimed at the development of management guidelines for these estuaries.

• We need to get clarity about CWAC counts along the Botriver estuary in collaboration with the Tygerberg Bird Club. These counts should be undertaken more regularly than twice per year as it is currently being done. The next count is scheduled for July.

• Meredith Thornton of the Dyer Island Conservation Trust is to co-ordinate counts along the Uilenkraals estuary with volunteers and CapeNature staffers. We will request members from that area to support Meredith in her efforts.

• The Klein River estuary counts could possibly be done in collaboration with members of the Hermanus Bird Club. This issue has been raised during our discussions regarding collaboration on 26 April and will be discussed in greater detail as negotiations develop..

• Anton is setting up a team to do regular counts at the Vermont salt pan.

• We need to set up a meeting with Dr Giselle Murison, the Estuaries Manager at BirdLife South Africa and Pierre de Villers of CapeNature in view of establishing strategies and developing a protocol for standardized counts. We need to also look at the proposed brochure that Gizelle started developing regarding zoning of water users on estuaries. This could add meaning to the bird counts.

The decision on how regularly these counts are to be undertaken will depend on the number of volunteers wanting to participate. We will set up a system soon in view of increasing our volunteer base for these counts.


















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