Posted on the 18th March 2018

We feature images of 50 randomly selected resident birds taken by BirdLife Overberg members in the Overstrand municipal area - just over half of them endemic to SA. Migratory species are therefore excluded. We also indicate the most popular sites where you might try to find them. Detailed descriptions of spots where to look for these birds are available at this link:

Let us see how many of these species you can find over the upcoming Easter holiday period until 9 April. Report your sightings in the user comments below. 

1. Cape Rock-jumper. Look at Rooiels or Rotary drive. Carin Malan
2. Ground Woodpecker. Look at Rooiels or Rotary Drive. Anton












3. Cape Rock-Thrush. Look at Rooiels or the Gansbaai mountain. Jenny Parsons





4. Cape Siskin. Look at Rooiels or Harold Porter BG. Anton





5. Cape Sugarbird. Abundant. Jenny Parsons






6. Orange-breasted Sunbird. Look at Harold Porter BG or Fernkloof NR. Anton



7. Grey-backed Cisticola. Swartrivier road. Anton

















8. Cape Bunting. Rooiels or Harold Porter BG. Richard Masson
9. Cape Grassbird. Harold Porter BG or Fernkloof NR. Anton











10. Blue-mantled Crested-Flycatcher. Harold Porter BG or Witkrans. Carin Malan




11.African Penguins. Stony Point. Anton







12 & 13. Crowned & Cape Cormorants. Stony Point. Carin Malan








14. African Black Oystercatchers. Coastline. Carin Malan




15. White-fronted Plover. Coastline. Anton







17. Swift Terns. Coastline. Louis Alberts




16. Caspian Tern. Estuaries. Anton








18. Greater Flamingos. Estuaries. Anton




19. African Fish-Eagle (Sub-adult). Estuaries. Jenny Parsons






20. Black-crowned Night-Heron. Reeds at water. Richard Masson





21. Malachite Kingfisher. Abundant. Richard Masson







22. White-faced Ducks. Dams & ponds. Anton




23. White-backed Ducks. At water lilies. Charles Naude







24. Cape Shoveler. Abundant. Anton




25. Verreaux's Eagle. Rooiels & Fernkloof NR. Anton






26. African Harrier-Hawk. Abundant. Carin Malan




27. Black Sparrowhawk. Difficult to get, but look carefully. Steve Peck









28. Jackal Buzzard. Abundant. Carin Malan





29. Black Harrier. Swartrivier road. Carin Malan





31. Forest Buzzards. Near well wooded areas. Anton






30. African Goshawk. Abundant. Anton









33. Secretarybird. Karwyderskraal road. Anton


32. Black-shouldered Kite. Karwyderskraal & Swartrivier roads. Charles Naude










35. Large-billed Lark. Swartrivier road. Anton


34. Blue Crane. Swartrivier road. Craig Adam









36. Capped Wheatear. Swartrivier road. Anton


37. Denham's Bustards. Swartrivier road. Anton









38. Cape Clapper Lark. Rooisand NR area & Rotary drive. Richard Masson


39 Water Thick-knees. At water. Anton













41. Amethyst Sunbird. Gardens. Richard Masson
40. Zitting Cisticola. Swartrivier road. Anton










42. African Dusky Flycatcher. Well wooded gardens. Anton




43, Common Waxbill. Abundant. Anton












45. Southern Boubou. Well wooded gardens. Anton



44. Cape Bulbul. Abundant. Anton









47. Cape Spurfowl. Abundant. Anton
46. Southern Tchagra. Coastal brush. MC Botha










49. Fiscal Flycatcher. Abundant. Anton
48. Cape Batis. Well wooded gardens. Richard Masson










50 Karoo Prinia. Abundant. Anton














HANNA BOEKE (posted: 2018-03-18 17:16:38)
We drove from Botrivier along the Karwyderskraal Rd and back via R43 this morning (18th) and saw 5 of those on your list: Cape Bulbul, Jackal Buzzard, many Blue Cranes, Black-shouldered Kite and African Fish Eagle. We also saw cormorants and a tern, but they were too far for us to ID. No luck with the Denham's Bustards, unfortunately.
ANTON ODENDAL (posted: 2018-03-18 11:55:07)
How blessed we are!