Posted on the 6th December 2017

(This article by Jenny Parsons appeared in the December edition of ‘Pringle Post’ – Ed.)

Moving permanently to Pringle Bay 8 years ago made us so much more aware of our amazing natural environment! Being a small village surrounded by pristine fynbos and magnificent beaches lent itself to many walks (the dogs just loved it). We first noticed how the fynbos changes with the seasons and this also correlated with the birds we were seeing daily. So, the quest to identify fynbos and birds began…

After attending a “Flight for Birders” bird identification course – I was hooked! Birding has become a way of life. I started out by just watching birds in the garden, they are attracted to the natural nutrient rich fynbos and aloes. I then joined a Bird Club – Bird Life Overberg and now explore wherever I go. 

Orange-breasted Sunbird
Cape Sugarbird










Birding is a puzzle which tests your observation skills and patience, bringing a spirituality to all things bright and beautiful in my life…

My garden list is currently on 64 different species. Two endemic species of the Cape Floral Kingdom that are common residents are: Cape Sugarbird and Orange-breasted Sunbird. The Southern Double-collared and Malachite Sunbirds add bright splashes of colour. Other frequent visitors include: Cape Robin-Chat, Cape Bunting, Cape Grassbird, Cape Rock-Thrush, Yellow Bishop, Speckled Pigeon, Cape Bulbul, Speckled Mousebirds, Cape Spurfowl and Helmeted Guineafowl. Less frequent or maybe perhaps just a little shyer – Cape and Brimstone Canaries, Bar-throated Apalis, Karoo Prinia and both the Swee and Common Waxbills.

Cape Spurfowl chicks
Cape Rock-Thrush










Sitting quietly on my deck, early in the morning, listening to the dawn chorus and watching the birds has become so very special. The views of the ocean and mountains, possibly a whale or pod of dolphins in the distance must make Pringle Bay one of the most magical places on earth…

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