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I had the privilege of taking part in the 'Flight for birders' course with Anton Odendal this weekend. What a joy to listen to someone speak with such passion and authority on a subject. i am inspired and overwhelmed at how much there is available to any bird lover in the Cape! The trick is to now identify all those LBJ's and stop to enjoy the birdlife which is all round us. Thank you Anton for sharing your stories, wit and knowledge!

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Beste Elaine & Anton
Ek wil julle net graag weer bedank vir 'n heerlike naweekprogram, dit is 'n wonderlike taak wat julle verrig om julle tyd so op te offer.

Ek kyk al sedert dogtertjiedae voëls en het in 'n voëlkyk-huis groot geword, so dit was vir my baie lekker om uit 'n ander oogpunt te sien hoe dit gedoen kan word. Dit was ook wonderlik om te beleef hoe die voëlkyk-wêreld vir mense oopgaan onder julle leiding. Ons het ontsaglik baie geleer al is ons kwalik beginners en het baie waarde uit die naweek geput. Ons gaan volgende naweek toevallig in Hermanus by vriende kuier, en het dit reeds bewimpel sodat ons Vermont pan kan besoek.

Vriendelike groete, en nogmaals baie dankie!
Ansa (en Riaan)

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Good morning Anton. I just wanted to write and thank you for a wonderful course. I am more than inspired and intimidated at the same time but mostly very excited at the prospect of being able to enjoy the wonders of the birdlife in Cape Town. I envy you your vast knowledge and hope to some day have an inkling of what you have already forgotten. As my brother says when people ask him how he plays so beautifully on his guitar... just several hundred thousand hours of practice!

I will be sending you some of my photos later. They are not much in the scale of what you already have but it may add to your collection of mediocre records!

I would love to join a Birding walk with you at some stage if that is possible. I am not fit enough to do any massive mountain climbing but it would be fantastic to join in a reasonable trip if there is ever space for me.

I hope to see you again soon.
Kind regards
Alison Hughes

Dear Elaine/Anton,

Thanks for a brilliant "birding" weekend, I am relatively new to this fascinating interest/hobby/passion and look forward to many years of pleasure in the company of our feathered friends.


Daryl de Beer
Ph. 021 7154374
Cell 082 8818590


Hi Anton
Just wanted to say thank you for your enthralling and so informative course this last Thursday and Friday.
I thoroughly enjoyed it and was amazed at so many of the facets of birding information that you told us - the migratory marvels being just one!
Your passion and enthusiasm was inspiring.
Best wishes and thanks too, Elaine, for your contribution to the course
Di Parker

What a wonderful, informative and really user friendly Flight for Birders course by Anton Odendal at Bosheuwel in the Agulhas National Park.
Thank you for sending me home not feeling overwhelmed, but enthusiastic instead. Can't wait to start getting to know all the amazing birds out there that I haven't met yet!
And with the help of Anton's easy to use and practical website there is no reason for any birding route to remain untravelled.
It was also good to learn about conservation efforts and how birding tourism works.
Definitely to be recommended!
Thank you!
Theanette Staal














Dear Dr Odendal,
Thank you for the course this past week. Very interesting for me and I find myself asking questions when I see birds now....... to try to identify them so it must have worked!
With kind regards
Judy Cheney

Dear Anton
On behalf of our staff members who took part in the Flight for Birders course on May 11 and 12 at Bosheuwel, we want to thank you for your willingness to have them attend for free.
We are sure they all learnt a lot and that they will be able to use the information and experience in their daily job.
Kind regards
Alliston Appel
Emmerentia De Kock
People and Conservation
Agulhas National Park











Great excitement today as I spotted my first Bar-throated Apalis in my garden. It was beautiful!
Thanks to the birding course by Anton Odendal I was able to identify it easily instead of seeing it as just another tiny bird in the tree, or not noticing it at all.
Theanette Staal

Subirdly run course at Hartenbos. For all levels of birders. So many interesting facts and tips just not found in books. The course was fun and left me wanting more, just what the Doctor ordered. Thanks so much Dr. Odendal 
Arland Everard Reid

Hello Anton
Thanks again for a fantastic, very motivational weekend!
I am attaching a few photos from Hartenbos. It will come in three batches.
Nicole Crisp








The Hartenbos meeting was awesome. Many thanks. Please let us know when you will be presenting in the area again.
Stephen Hardcastle and Jeanette Hardcastle

Dear Anton and Elaine
Jean and I would like to thank you for the most interesting course. We really enjoyed it.
We are excited to start birding with some knowledge.
Would you please do the necessary to enable us to keep tabs on birds migrating.
Wishing you a safe trip back home.
Kind regards
Carla and Jean

Good day Dr Anton,
Thank you for the well constructed course, it was a prime example of how to inform while being fun.
I am sure to see you again at the Knysna / Sedgefield course in November.
I have retired to Sedgefield and will be joining the Sedge Birding club.
Thanks again,
Mike Pittaway

Hi to everyone who attended Anton and Elaine’s Birding course.
I would like to repeat my invitation that you are all welcome to come and bird in Vanwyksdorp. Whether you are coming for a day or would like to stay over, I would love to show you around.
We have a self-catering guesthouse and we also let our farmhouse for larger groups.
Please have a look at our website:  There is a bird gallery of some of the birds I have managed to capture, but there are many many more to see.
Looking forward to welcoming you in Vanwyksdorp!
Nicole Crisp

Thanks again for the lovely course in Mossel Bay. I always enjoy Flight for Birders. I often find myself saying, "Dr Anton Odendal says this and Dr Anton Odendal says that" hahaha I think my dad feels he knows you both

Jessica Broster









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