Posted on the 15th April 2014

Following on from Dave’s comment about Olive Woodpeckers in Kirstenbosch, I started my morning today with a stunning pair of Olive Woodpeckers tapping away in a plane tree in my garden in Camps Bay.
This was certainly a first for me as I have not seen any woodpeckers in Camps Bay over the past thirteen years.


PAUL BATCHELDER (posted: 2019-06-15 19:04:06)
we have just purchesed a property in Durbanville and have noticed perfectly round ho;es in two of the garden trees.
today we heard a tapping sound in the garden and my daughter in law saw the small bird coming out of a hole and sitting on a branch before flying off.
What a great sight and experience.

JOHN GRAHAM (posted: 2014-05-26 11:03:30)
A further record of Olive Woodpecker on the Peninsula to add to the recent spate. This morning as I was about to park at the Tokai Arboretum for a bike ride an Olive Woody flew across the road and settled in a tree between the track and the Manor House, staying there for some time.

It does appear from the recent records at Tokai, Kirstenbosch and Clovelly that there has been an influx of some sort in the past few months. While they have seemingly been quietly present on the Peninsula for some decades I don't ever recall this many records in such short succession.
Kind regards
John Graham
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MARGARET MAC IVER (posted: 2014-04-15 08:53:23)
There was a pair in Kirstenbosch middle of last year, then I photographed a female in a different part of Kirstenbosch a few weeks afterwards.
They seem to be birds that disappear very quickly, seen once in one area on the peninsula then moving onto another spot!
I do have a non birdnet friend who has seen and photographed a pair in the Glen in Camps Bay - last year.
Margaret Maciver
FELICITY ELLMORE (posted: 2014-04-15 08:51:04)
Either there is a noisy Olive woodpecker flying around Cape Town, or its just coïncidence. I heard, then saw an Olive woodpecker on Sunday morning in Tokai, near the flower farm. I've seen one a few times in Constantia and Tokai but not often. Probably once every couple of years. I've never seen one in Kirstenbosch and I used to go there often.