Posted on the 20th February 2013

(An earlier alert was released. Trevor later reports as follows:)

Photos have arrived and there are now several observers on site too and the bird can be confirmed as a NORTHERN ROCKHOPPER PENGUIN. It may well even be the same individual that entertained so many of us a few weeks ago at Soetwater as this bird looks in a lot better condition and not in some tatty moult.

As mentioned previously, the bird is at Hardebaai in Onrus and the GPS co-ordinates for the site are S 34 24 59.7 E 19 10 23.3. Thanks very much to Anton Odendal for getting the news out so quickly and making sure that he got the photos through to me quickly as well and then also to Keir and Alouise Lynch who sent through the co-ordinates to the site. I am still hoping for a few more photos from the various observers that are there at the moment, but for now, here is one of Anton’s shots of the bird taken this evening.
Here are some of BirdLife Overberg committee member Carin Malan's images of the bird:

























(And then on Thursday 19 February:)

Not the kind of news that I like to be posting, but anyway...

Keir Lynch has just been in touch to let me know that there have been several people on site this morning since before 6am, but as yet, there has been no sign of the NORTHERN ROCKHOPPER PENGUIN this morning.

There will be a few people who will continue to scour the coastline there for the next few hours and, should they find anything, I will post the news immediately, but for now, it is not looking good...

Sadly yours,




MARTIN TAYLOR (posted: 2013-02-19)
Nail the bugger down Anton...will be in the Cape next week
Martin Taylor