Posted on the 10th October 2012

Birding on White Bridge farm near Ceres.

For birders this is a great place to stay. Relaxing on the verandah of a riverside cabin is a good place to start as African Black Ducks, Giant Kingfishers, African Paradise-Flycatchers, Cape Siskins, Southern Boubous, Bar-throated Apalises and Cape Batises can all be seen. Streaky-headed Seedeaters are very much in evidence – a species that is increasing in numbers in the region and slowly expanding its range. Another bird that is moving into the area is the Tambourine Dove, its attractive call so evocative of the African bush. Other birds include the Pin-tailed Whydah, which parasitizes the Common Waxbill, and the Red-chested Cuckoo (Piet-my-vrou), which parasitizes the Cape Robin-Chat. The highlight for us was finding two breeding pairs of Booted Eagles on the mountains on either side of the property. On several occasions one of these superb little eagles was seen hunting over the open field adjacent to the cottages. Note that this eagle occurs in two colour morphs, a pale and a dark. Other raptors include Verreaux’s Eagles and Peregrine Falcons, both of which breed in the magnificent surrounding mountains. The joy of being based at White Bridge is that many other great birding localities are easily accessible, for example the Tanqua Karoo which is unbeatable for its arid country endemics.

Rob Martin & Jessie Walton

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ANTON ODENDAL (posted: 2012-10-10)
Rob, we saw all of the species that you mention when we were there a few weeks ago, except for Piet-my-vrou that have not yet arrived at that stage.