Posted on the 15th August 2012

Hi All,

Took a client to the West Coast on Sunday and even with the little sun we had a great display of flowers.

At Abrahamskraal we had a Black Crake AND after saying to my client that the Rail was normally seen on the opposite bank, there it was on our side of the pan next to the hide on the south side. It had just bathed and was preening on top of a shrub where the canaries always drink. It preened so long that I even had time to video it! Really a smart bird when you see it from so close. It eventually nonchalantly walked past the hide to the reeds on the north side of the hide.

A surprise for me was seeing a Purple Swamphen here. I have seen them in this pentad at Geelbek hide but not at Abrahamskraal even though the habitat is good. Anyone else seen it there?

With so much greenery around the normally barren soil it was surprising to find the Larks so quickly. Large-billed, Red-capped, Karoo and Cape Long-billed Larks were seen calling and doing their display flight. Cape Clapper was heard but not clearly seen. Black & Marsh Harriers came quartering by, Southern Black Korhaan & Grey-winged Francolin called from elevated mounds, Cape Penduline Tit, Grey-backed Cisticola & Karoo Prinia scurried through the smaller shrubs with Karoo Scrub-Robin scolding from the fence post as only they can do. The male Yellow Canaries were sticking out like sore thumbs and a few White-throated Canaries were quietly munching on green seed.

A good 2hrs was spent along this road and an impressive list was collected. Lark Alley came to the party again.

Happy spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! birding,


Brian Vanderwalt




ANTON ODENDAL (posted: 2012-08-14)
Hi Brian,
Hope ths finds you well. BLO spent a weekend outing at Duinepos in March this years and most of us got images of P Swamphen at A kraal. Most of us also got the rail in the same way that you describe it on all three days that we spent there.