Posted on the 14th December 2011

(Trevor's RARE BIRD NEWS this evening has a very interesting sentence in it.  I will load the pic of this hybrid bird as soon as I receive it.  Note the pale eye (as in Cape Gannet) and the short gular stripe (as in Australian Gannet).) - Ed.

We quote: 'Also of interest, it was confirmed this morning that there are now 2 AUSTALASIAN GANNETS on Malgas Island in Saldahna Bay as well as a hybrid Cape X Australasian Gannet!'


'The hybrid bird'.  Image: Peter Chadwick













Dark eye of Australian Gannet.  Image: Robin Sherry


















HEIDI (posted: 2011-12-16)
this one must be even harder to spot than the pure bred Australasian Gannet !! Lovely clear photo. Thank you
HEIDI DUNCAN (posted: 2011-12-14)
Thanks so much for this Anton, will look fwd to the photo.

We were lucky enough to get the entire ring number of the Oz bird on photo, so I reported it to the Fitztitute. It has been handed to Dr. Dieter Oschadleus, and I have been told he will contact me.

Will let you know if the one I found is one of the two immigrants, or if there is, perhaps a third one.

Seeing that so many Safricans are in Oz, it's only fair that we get something back from them !!

Thank you and best regards
Heidi Duncan