Posted on the 24th September 2012

Hi all
My wife, my son and me are visiting South Africa. One week in Blyde River Valley and in Kruger National Park, then last thursday we landed in Cape Town to go to Clanwilliam.
We visited Lambert's Bay, Elandsbaai, Berg River estuary, West Coast National Park, this evening we are in Simon's Town. Wind and rain are with us... but a lot of birds; we love colours of bishops and weavers!
Reading your emails:
A lot of funny Pied Crows, yes :-)
European Bee-eaters between Clanwilliam, Lambert's Bay, Elandsbaai.
Common Quail near at Clanwilliam, more at Postberg today.
Some birds are common also in Palearctic, like a solitary Ruddy Turnstone at Lambert's Bay and an Osprey with fish at Geelbek.
But a lot of new birds for us, of course... Perhaps interesting: 2 females of Southern Pochard near a Elandsbaai, 2 Cape Teals at Geelbek, 1 adult and 1 immature (2nd cy?) of Black Eagle near at Clanwilliam, ...
And one wonderful Caracal in Postberg too!
We saw also some Southern Double-collared Sunbirds (????) with yellow patches... I can't find in Sasol's guide: I attach a picture (with ipad on camera monitor...), could you help us?
Please, let me know if I could send other pics in this list to help us in ID... :-)
Thanks of all
Best wishes
Maurizio Sighele
Verona, Italy, now in Cape Town



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