Posted on the 29th June 2015

(This report first appeared in the May 2015 club newsletter on BidLife Plett and is posted with the permission of the Editor. Images will be added later. - Ed.)
Victorin’s Warbler – Mike Bridgeford and Gareth Robbins -
This bird is a Fynbos special, and one of the sought-after birds of our region by Birders. It is an exceptionally skulking bird, which is always heard but seldom seen!!
I have tried for many years to even get a partial shot of these birds, with no luck at all. Yesterday Gareth Robbins took me out to try and find the bird - we found several species in the Fynbos, and I managed to get two reasonable shots of the bird. There always seems to be a stick across the bird – I am sure that it is the nature of this bird to remain as covered as possible! This would be regarded as an exceptional sighting, and certainly the best I have ever managed! 


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