Posted on the 29th June 2015

(This report first appeared in the May 2015 club newsletter on BidLife Plett and is posted with the permission of the Editor. Images will be added later. - Ed.)

Greater Painted Snipes – George and Jeanette Powter – 26 Apr 2015.
George and Jeanette Powter spent a late afternoon at the small dam and pan at the end of the dirt road which starts opposite the Stonefield Polo entrance.
They were rewarded with two Greater Painted Snipes, which was a first sighting in Plettenberg bay, since at least the start of our bird lists. Bruce Ward-Smith took some photographs the next day. This was a new species sighting for our bird lists.
The two Snipes seen were both female, and a few days later three females were seen. The female is larger and brighter in colour than the male, and the birds are regarded as partially crepuscular and polyandrous. [Feed mainly at dawn and dusk and the male raises the chicks – the female may have several clutches with different male birds]. It was then quite unusual to see three female birds together.
The three birds stayed for some weeks and were seen by many local and national birders.


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