Posted on the 12th December 2014

(This article originally appeared in the BirdLife Plettenberg Bay newsletter in December 2014 and is posted with the permission of the Editor. -Ed.)
Narina Trogon – Mike and Carole Bridgeford
After not having seen a Narina Trogon for at least three years, Carole and I managed to see three birds at one time in the Nature’s Valley forest adjacent to the Boardwalk.
I even got a few reasonable shots of the male bird, in all its beautiful colours!
This is one of the most difficult birds to see, as it has a habit of turning its back to you just when you have sighted it high up in the forest canopy!
The bird feeds mainly on insects in the forest canopy, but will take fruit and chameleons. They nest in natural holes in a tree or dead stump and do not use nesting materials to line the nest.
They respond well to a tape playback or imitation call during the breeding season. However, this should be used minimally, and once the birds are in sight the tape should not be used.
Some birders will not use a tape at all, as it does disturb the bird.
A point in question - we came across an out-of-town birder playing a tape continuously hoping to see the Scaly-throated Honeybird. Apart from the fact that it does not really respond to a tape, it was clearly not good birding etiquette.















(Image by Mike Bridgeford. - Ed.)


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