Posted on the 21st July 2014

(This article first appeared in the July 2014 newsletter of BirdLife Plettenberg Bay and is posted with the permission of the Editor. - Ed.)
George and Jeanette Powter at Keurboom's River
Jeanette and George, with their son David were very excited to see an African Finfoot [female] on the Keurboom’s River last Friday the 11th of July. They were taking a little sightseeing trip up the river in the hope of seeing the White Backed Night Heron which had been seen near its old roosting spot recently. They did not see the Night Heron but on their way up suddenly saw an African Finfoot swimming up the river. The African Finfoot is normally seen on the river’s edge under overhanging vegetation but this bird swam in the open at the base of a rocky outcrop, eventually seeking the shelter of a small crevice in the rocks. When the party went closer to investigate, the bird scrambled up the rocks, flew off and landed back in the water further up the river.
Another interesting sighting was a large group of Cape Cormorants fishing as a group. On trips up the river the Reed Cormorant is normally the dominant species so it is fairly unusual to see such a large group of Cape Cormorants so far up the river and interesting to note the different behaviour from the Reed Cormorants which are normally on their own.
[Ed:- It was also interesting to see that there were thousands of Cape Cormorants amongst the Seals on Robberg. Also seen in the bay a very large group of Cape Cormorants looking for all the world like a floating whale!]
Malachite and Pied Kingfishers were also seen so hopefully this is a good sign that our Keurboom’s River is recovering from the floods.


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