Posted on the 2nd August 2013

(This report first appeared in the August 2013 newsletter of BirdLife Plettenberg Bay and is duplicated here with the permission of the Editor. - Ed.)

A walk through Goose Valley and the Marsh: – Mike Bridgeford & Jeanette Powter
One of the most rewarding walks in Plettenberg Bay, is to drive down to the parking area at the end of the road, signposted NH Hotel, opposite ‘Pennypinchers’. Park your car, and walk across the little bridge, where you will always see the Levaillant’s Cisticola in the long water grass. It is a really beautiful little bird and always sits up on the grass to give you a good look. At this time of the year it responds well to a recorded call, but even that is not necessary.
Just up from the car park, there is a large grouping of Kranz Aloes in flower. The sunbirds love the nectar from these flowers – Amethyst, Great Double-collared and Malachite can be readily seen here.
On the bay we saw the Greater and lesser Flamingoes, as well as a large grouping of over 500 Terns. I photographed the entire group and looking at them afterwards, found they were all Swift Terns. We appear to have large quantities of these birds in the bay at present. Food must be good?
We also saw about ten African Spoonbills. It is always an awesome sight to see them fly! A Purple Heron came in to land and spent a few minutes entertaining us. We spent about two hours on the marsh, and found a large log to spend some time just looking at the wonderful sights presented by Goose Marsh – this is one of my favourite spots in Plettenberg bay. 


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