Posted on the 2nd August 2013

(This report first appeared in the August 2013 newsletter of BirdLife Plettenberg Bay and is duplicated here with the permission of the Editor. - Ed.)

Flamingoes in the Bay: – Mike Bridgeford & Gareth Robbins
For the last week or so, a number of Greater and Lesser Flamingoes have been resident in the Bay, just off the Goose marsh area. Several members have been out to see the birds and photograph them. It is the first time that I know, that both species of Flamingo have been seen together in the Bay. Certainly, we have seen Greater over the last year, but this is my first recording of Lesser in Bitou. It is interesting to see the difference in the two species – the Greater is a much bigger bird, and has a black tip to its large bill, whilst the Lesser is a smaller bird, and here has a lot more pink coloration, and has an all black bill. 


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