Happening on the 27th November 2021

BLSA decided to create a new category for BIRDING BIG DAY on Saturday 27 November: Birding within a 5km radius! This will clearly have a significantly smaller carbon footprint and will allow for participating teams to work their area in much greater detail. Even more so, this gives us the ideal opportunity to see how many species we can record in the Overberg region over a 24 hour period. A report on this should give our region far greater exposure as a top birding destination against the backdrop of our very popular monthly bird lists.

You are invited to put together a team of birders in your local area and to prepare for the day by studying the instructions that can be obtained from us. Kindly send the names of your team members, together with the central point of your 5 km radius area to Anton at Also assist us by forwarding the names and contact details of people that we might not be aware of, so that we can attempt to have birders on the ground throughout the entire Overberg region. Also let us know if you want to join one of the teams in your area.

We will be running an informal Overberg competition to see which team can record the most species. Great prizes are on offer. Final details will be released in the November newsletter.

















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